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If you’ve ever watched prime-time television, you’re familiar with the Hollywood version of “Investigation.” However, there’s a big difference between the television world and the real world. In the latter, investigation is defined as “a systematic and thorough examination or inquiry into something or someone and the recording of that information in a report.”

Rod Buckingham, the CEO and founder of Buckingham Security, has spent much of his distinguished career in the real world of investigation, both as a major crimes investigator and as the leader of an investigative team. Although most investigations have some common denominators, there are nuances, too — different cases require different areas of expertise. For his team, Mr. Buckingham has assembled some of best investigators in the profession, men and women who were previously under his management or are known for their proficiency to conduct investigations. Collectively, they have 150 years of experience in undercover work, background investigation and pre-employment screening.

In general, there are three major categories of investigation:

  • Incident (internal theft, employee or executive misconduct, workplace violence, sexual harassment, fraud)
  • Misconduct (corporate policy violations)
  • Compliance (as it relates to government regulations)

The team at Buckingham Security has extensive experience in all three categories.

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