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Intrusion Testing & Solutions

As the term suggests, “intrusion testing” is an exercise that’s used to determine whether or not your security personnel — either in-house or contracted — are performing at the highest level. In a perfect world, protecting your assets would be as simple a hiring a security company and turning your focus elsewhere. Unfortunately, not all security companies are created equal. What’s more, even the best security companies need to be tested on a regular basis. That’s where intrusion testing comes in.

At Buckingham Security, we conduct these tests using a well-established protocol that’s both structured and professional. Although the process has many layers, the ultimate goal is to test whether our agents (unauthorized personnel) can penetrate a company’s security perimeter. Before that can happen, however, we first meet with the company’s management team to determine what scenarios and other specifics will be used in the test.

At the completion of the test, a detailed report will be generated listing the methods used by the agent, the time, date and any vehicle used, and the identity or description of security officers encountered. In addition, if there has been a breach, our team will make recommendations on how to effectively secure the perimeter of your company, government facility or other organization. We will then schedule follow-up tests to determine whether the measures put in place are working. In most cases, we recommend quarterly tests to ensure maximum security.

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