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Buckingham Security Services Ltd., Security Systems Consultants, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

About Us

Buckingham Security is a Canadian-based firm that specializes in protecting businesses and governments through intrusion testing, overall risk assessment and active-shooter training, among other strategies. The company was founded by Rod Buckingham, who has more than 36 years of law-enforcement experience in both police and private-sector security. In those years, he’s worked as a hostage negotiator, a member of the Anti-Terrorist Team for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and as the senior security consultant for the Canadian Football League. “I’ve been protecting people my entire life,” he says, and that work continues today through Buckingham Security, which is committed to safeguarding companies around the globe from all potential threats — both internal and external.

To that end, Buckingham Security has assembled a team of the industry’s most respected professionals, men and women who provide comprehensive advice on every aspect of security, from theoretical to tactical. Whether your business is an oil refinery in a remote corner of the world, a government building in a small town or a corporate office in the heart of a major city, one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your people and your assets is to test the perimeter of your organization. Just because you’ve hired a contract security company or have in-house security, there’s no guarantee that they’re doing their job effectively. And that’s where intrusion testing comes in. It’s the best way to audit the proficiency of your security force.

Buckingham Security specializes in active shooter training and intrusion testing, as well as complementary security services such as threat risk assessment, physical security and investigations.

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